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In this stock research checklist you will find some actionable steps on how to research individual stocks so that you can make more informed decisions.

Circle Of Competence

Find businesses in your circle of competence.

Understanding The Business

Learn how to articulate exactly what businesses do and how they make their money.

Competitive Advantage

Find businesses with a strong competitive advantage which is difficult to overtake or copy.

Analysing Financials

Analyse the financials of the business to prioritise the company’s which are healthy financially.

Management Team

Ensure that the management has the best interests of the company at heart

Valuation Indicators

Calculate the value of a business

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Is it a physical or digital product?

This is an interactive PDF so it is a digital product.

What if I have some questions after I purchase it?

You can contact me on this website or through my email [email protected] 🙂

When will I get the stock checklist?

After you purchase it, you’ll receive an email with the checklist attached.

Can I get refunded once I purchase it?

Since it is a digital product I’m not offering refunds for it. I hope you understand!

How to research stocks checklist

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