86 400 is a digital bank in Australia. They provide competitive interest rates on their savings accounts and home loan products.

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Up Bank is one of the most popular digital banks in Australia. They offer a savings account with competitive interest rates and have a very intuitive interface and app.

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Effortlessly manage your money in the palm of your hand. Track your spending, see your credit score each month, get unique savings insights to save you even more cash and see all your accounts in one place.


Sharesight allows you to connect with you different brokers and see your whole portfolio in one place so you can easily see your returns.

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Stake is a brokerage platform which helps you invest in the US stock market. They have a desktop version and and app and both are very user-friendly and intuitive.

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Cashrewards is a free chrome extension and website you can use to get free cash back on your purchases.

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Shopback gives you cash back on your online purchases. You can use the free chrome extension and website.

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My mobile phone plan provider. Really good value for money and decent coverage since they use Optus towers.

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Superloop is my internet plan provider. They have good prices and value for money with their NBN plans.

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