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Money Tools

These money tools can help you take control of your money and build a better life.

1. Stock Research Checklist

Find businesses in your circle of competence.

Learn how to articulate exactly what businesses do and how they make their money.

Find businesses with a strong competitive advantage which is difficult to overtake or copy.

Ensure that the management has the best interests of the company at heart

Calculate the value of a business

Analyse the financials of the business to prioritise the company’s which are healthy financially.

2. Net Worth Tracker

Easily track your net worth in Google Sheets!

See your progression every month

Calculate your net worth by inputting your assets minus your liabilities

Set your own net worth goals and targets

3. Fire Calculator

Free Google sheet template to calculate how much you need to save and invest in order to retire

Give yourself monthly saving and investing goals to retire early

Find out how many years you need in order to retire

Learn how much you can withdraw from your investments by the time you retire to not affect your total investment balance

4. Property Research Spreadsheet

Free property research spreadsheet

Easily track the properties you visit

Compare your watch list
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