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Beginner investing course

This course is perfect for anyone who is new to investing and wants to learn the basics in an easy-to-understand format. The course is self-paced and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

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What you will learn

Online investing course

Budgeting: How to create a budget and stick to it.

Compound interest: How to take advantage of the power of compounding to grow your investments over time.

Types of investments: Overview of different types of investments such as stocks and ETFs.

How to make your first investment: Steps on how to open a brokerage account and make your first investment.

Taxation on investments: Understanding how taxes affect your investments.

There are no prerequisites although would be good to consider your long-term financial goals.

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Join the waitlist and get access to 2 bonus resources

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Meet the instructors

Meet the instructors

Hi, my name is Queenie, I’m passionate about making money and investing. I’m based in Sydney Australia. My personal finance journey started when I moved out of home at 19 and I was earning just $400 per week. I could barely afford to pay my bills and groceries each week.

Fast forward and I have bought my own home, I have investments, I have a 6 figure income and I’m on a journey to reach financial freedom. I feel very grateful for how my life panned out and I wanted to be open, honest and transparent about my journey and the things I’ve learned.

Frequently asked questions

Who is this course for?

This online beginner investing course is designed for people who are new to investing and want to learn the basics.

  • People who want to start saving and investing for their future, but don’t know where to begin.
  • People who want to learn more about different types of investments and how to evaluate risk.
  • People who are looking for a comprehensive introduction to investing and want to understand the basics of budgeting, asset allocation, and compound interest.
  • People who are self-motivated learners and are looking for a convenient and flexible way to gain knowledge on the topic.
  • People who have some disposable income and want to know how to make it grow over time.
  • People who are looking for a general understanding of the stock market and how to invest in it.

It’s worth noting that anyone can take this beginner investing course, regardless of your current level of knowledge or experience. The course can serve as a foundation for further learning and exploration in the field of personal finance and investment.

Are there any prerequisites or requirements to enrol?

There are no prerequisites or requirements to enrol in our beginner investing course, it’s open to anyone who is looking to gain knowledge and skills in budgeting, investing.

Who is providing this course?

Queenie Tan has partnered with to create this course.

Do you offer any refunds?

Please note that due to the nature of our online beginner investing course, we do not offer refunds once the course materials have been accessed or downloaded.