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Hey, I’m Queenie. My mission is to help your money go further

My Story

My name is Queenie, I’m passionate about making money and investing. I’m based in Sydney Australia. My personal finance journey started when I moved out of home at 19 and I was earning just $400 per week. I could barely afford to pay my bills and groceries each week.

Fast forward and I have bought my own home, I have investments, I have a 6 figure income and I’m on a journey to reach financial freedom. I feel very grateful for how my life panned out and I wanted to be open, honest and transparent about my journey and the things I’ve learned.

My Journey


Landed my first job at McDonalds


Dropped out of uni


Started investing


Bought my first home


Started my YouTube channel


Became a full time content creator


Reached $500k net worth

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